How Does a Cordless Nail Gun Work?

Written by: Franklyn Liriano

When working on a home improvement project, one of the many tasks that you will have to perform is putting nails in brick walls or any other surface. Performing the task manually is a huge waste of time. Additionally, you run the risk of hurting your fingers. A nail gun can help address these issues.

Invented by Morris Pynoos, the nail gun is used by home improvement contractors around the world. Nail guns are usually powered by electromagnetism, compressed air, or flammable gases such as propane/butane. A major drawback of using nail guns is their bulky frame, which often restricts their mobility. To overcome this challenge, many builders and home improvement experts use cordless nail guns that are lighter than their traditional counterparts.

How do cordless nail guns work?

A cordless nail gun is a perfect tool for a DIY enthusiast who frequently performs tasks that involve hammering nails into different surfaces. Nail guns are considered a third-tier tool.

A cordless nail gun boasts advanced features. Unlike their traditional counterparts, cordless nail guns do not need a power code, which helps improve their mobility. Most cordless nail guns are powered by compressed air that is carefully packed inside the tool.

Every nail gun includes a series of interior hoses and tanks. When the user pulls the trigger of the gun, the air pressure travels through these tubes, ultimately reaching the barrel area. The force created due to the movement of the compressed air pushes the nail out. The entire process takes just a few seconds.

The piece located inside the front of the gun is known as the internal piston. The internal piston pushes the blade in a forward direction, forcing the nail into the surface.

The motion that pushes the nails out is known as the firing mechanism. Cordless nail guns are designed in a way to ensure that the air pressure level gets lower with continued use. This helps preserve air.

Cordless nail guns are specially designed to execute the entire process in seconds. These guns are usually used in projects that involve swiftly attaching items for long periods.

If, for instance, you are working on a home improvement project and have just installed baseboards around the perimeter of your rooms, it would be very inconvenient for you to go around pounding the nails into the sides using a hammer. Even if you use a traditional nail gun, you would be unable to move around the room freely due to the cord attached to the gun.

A cordless nail gun is designed to help address this problem. Because cordless nail guns don’t use wires, you won’t trip and can move freely around the room and will be able to perform the task more efficiently. Cordless nail guns can be used in homes as well as shops.

How to use a cordless nail gun?

Cordless nail guns feature a simple design and are easy to use. Operating a cordless nail gun requires a few simple motions.

First and foremost, you need to load the nail strip into the gun. As the name suggests, the nail strip of a cordless nail gun stores all the nails that are loaded into the gun.

Next, load the nail strip into the magazine of the gun. The magazine of a cordless nail gun is usually located towards the underside or back of it. Many manufacturers, however, place this opening in other areas. If you experience difficulties locating your magazine, refer to your product manual.

After loading the nail gun, secure the openings. Before starting to operate the gun, collect all the objects that you want to nail together and place them in an uncluttered area. Remember to put on your safety gear.

Your safety gear must include a pair of safety goggles to help protect your eyes from nails and debris that may fly towards your eyes at some point. Other safety equipment to use include durable working gloves and a rugged work safety helmet.

Before starting to apply the nails in the actual spot, it is recommended that you fire a few trial shots on different surfaces. This will help you get a better idea of the angle and height at which you need to hold the gun.

To practice shooting, choose a material that you don’t/rarely use. Try to find similar material for practicing. If, for instance, you want to secure baseboards, use a few scrap pieces of wood for target practice.

Because baseboards are made of wood, practicing on wood would help you understand what to expect when shooting nails. Practice your form and learn to use the correct pressure to push the nails into the surface.

Before starting to shoot the nails, make sure you have a firm grip on the gun. Use both hands to position the gun firmly into position. Plant your feet firmly on the ground in a way that they are slightly spread apart from each other. Your stance will help you avoid kickback that may be created when the air pressure inside the gun is released.

Aim the gun on the exact place that you want to be nailed together. While you pull the trigger with your index finger of the dominant hand, hold the gun firmly in its position. When the nail exits the gun, you may feel a slight push back and hear a slight noise, which indicates that the nails have been successfully launched.

After the nails are launched, remove the tip of the gun from the surface and check to ensure that the nails are correctly placed. While removing the gun, make sure that it is not facing you or anyone else. To avoid accidents, keep your finger off the trigger. After using the gun, remember to turn everything off.

Maintaining a cordless nail gun

Cordless nail guns, just like any other device, require regular maintenance to work the way they should. To get the most out of your cordless nail gun:

  • Periodically clean the feed.
  • Make sure the hoses and seals are not obstructed.
  • Periodically inspect different parts.
  • Clean the exterior regularly.

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